Hi Dear all !
I have been into programming applications for a while and all I've been so far coding have been client programs which ran on single desktops. Now I've been asked to program the same applications I used to code, for an organization so that they share the software to all users in the company. It seems that there's going to be a server over there and my application will be installed on the server to be shared through the inner network.
I was just caught by this question : "Suppose we want to install an application on a server and share that among users in the network. Does the programming style of that particular application need to be coded differently or just like a simple client side application ? "
The OS of the network is Win XP and I'll be coding the application using JAVA or C++.

Thanks in advance :)

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This should probably be posted in the software dev areas, not the server hardware areas. But with multiple users accessing the same app, it becomes necessary to use various techniques to manage various database reads and writes using some sort of file/record/field lock, handling multiple requests, inevitably there will be security requirements.

I haven't coded for about 15 years so I'm a little rusty.

i dont know about c++ or java,

but i have things developed in c# and vb (visual 2k8) that run as 'online applications/downloadable only) published onto a filer server, that the clients then access the applications (program.application file) from a toolbar that is loaded using group policies..

is this what you are talking about?

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