I have a problem in IE 6.0 with SV2
I want to Quote this on your Site, but i was not able to find out the correct path. Please assist on the same. Or else following is my issue.

I have a Web based project going on. For my users who will be acessing thru internet i am using HTTPS. Few of my clients when they type in the URL and press enter they get the following message

The requested URL could not be retrieved

But on the next moment when they refresh the page they get the access to the mentioned URL.. But this is affecting the offline module of this system as it does'nt have the refresh facility.
This is def not a server end problem as i can access the site from different PC having XP SV2.
I ave tried most of the IE options but not yet able to resolve the issue.
Can you provide any assistance/help in resolving this.

I had the same error. I was able to eliminate it only when I've reinstall the system (win xp).
Maybe there are other simple ways - this is the one that i've found and worked.

dr. Steven Dale

Could it be a problem with the cached version of the site. When they finally arrive at your site, ask them to press Ctrl+F5. This not only refreshes the page, but the cached / offline copy of the site.

May or may not help.

This can be a option , but i was looking for a better one. I suppose there is some cache setting or some IE setting, which is causing this problem to the clients. I am looking for such exact solution.
Thanks anyways. Do reply if you ome across some other solution . If i do , i will post it across

Something is wrong with the website, not your computer

If the prolem would have been w.r.t the site , then every client machine sould have thrown the error. But this is not the case . On some of the client machines this is working absolutely fine.
Also some one suggested Ctl+F5. This advantage is not available in the Offline module.

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