Operating System: windows xp

hey guys, i was playing around in the command prompt of my computer and started playing with the net user command and found the user support_388945a0 and saw how it was used by microsoft and was wondering, is there anyway that i can use this account to log on to my computer in case i lost my password or any other circumstances. just a fun thought that crossed my mind, i tried to login by disableing the easy login of windows xp (so it looks more like windows 2000) so that i can attempt to logon as it (yes i did successfully set it to active, and change the password and all other needs to make it a user, and yes i did set it back to the way it was after i was done playing with it just in case) but it didn't want me to logon as it saying i can't logon as that user (wasn't a incorrect password, was a different error, i will post it later i have to refresh my memory of it's exact wording.)

so what do you guys think, possible or not?

I'm not certain, but I don't think just anyone can use that account. Guys, please correct me if I'm wrong. If you are concerned that you might lose/forget your password some day, create a secondary user account with a very complex password that you can keep somewhere secure (not on the system itself :)). Also, be sure to add that user to the Administrators group so that, after you log in as the secondary user, you can reset your main account's password.

ya i'm not to conserned about loosein my password. it was just a situation i gave to you guys. i was just more curious if there was any use with it as an account but all my hopeful endevers to be able to log in on that account have failed for one reason or another. so was seeing if anyone else tried before or if anyone had knowledge on how. guess it can't be used as an actual account i believe it is used for administrative tools though so i wouldn't recomend deleteing it lol.

I did some searching and found that it is an account that users in the Administrators group can assign rights to. When signed scripts get called from Help and Support Services pages, the scripts receive the rights of that account. So, in a nutshell, it cannot be used as a standard user. It is a very specific-use account. Got to love MS for that.

thank you nıce

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