Hi, I have a question, what happens if i delete all the Temp files?, not the Internet Temporary Files but the Temp Files, the thing is that I'm running ZoneAlarm Antivirus and it says that there are a couple of files infected, the infection is called Win32.Bettlnet.AR, I tried deleting them and it fails to delete, then I tried looking for the files in the Temp Folder to delete them, but I don't find them, so that's why I was thinkig of deleting all the Temp Files.
Can anyone advise me please, I would really appreciate it.

You can delete all the "Temp" files. But, some of the temp files will be in use, by some application, in that case you can not delete those files. Instead of searching for temp files manually, you can use applications like CCleaner, CleanUp! etc. Download and install them, and run them to clean junk files. It's better to run these to tools in SAFE mode, so that those "in use" temp files can also be deleted.
You can tweak these tools to clean more thoroughly, run CCleaner, click "Options" button and here go to "Settings" tab and uncheck the option "Only delete files in Windows Temp folder older than 48 hours". Click "OK" to exit from the Options and click "Run Cleaner" to start cleaning. Run CleanUp!, click "Options" button, move the "Quick Setup" slider to "Thorough CleanUp!" and click "Yes" for the warning message and exit from Options. Click "CleanUp!" to start cleaning. After cleaning, click "Close", and choose "Yes" to restart the PC.

Dosen't your AV provide you with a means of deleting the infected files?