Hi,all. Been using an all Intel system for hard disk multitrack audio recording. One HD and one CD one IDE1. Works great. I needed additional storage space, so I got a second HD. Both HD's are WD, an 1800JB and an 800JB. Since I can only connect two devices on one cable, I put the two HD's on IDE1 with one HD as slave and the other Master. No problems so far. When putting the CD on IDE2, as master, it is not recognized at all. Doesn't show up in the BIOS, Device Manager, etc. Secondary IDE is set at "auto" What gives? I know that IDE1 is in Ultra DMA mode 5- but there is not that option for IDE2 in the BIOS. I tried swapping cables, drives, etc. everything works on IDE1- Is there something amiss in my settings somewhere? Is IDE2 broken? Anything else that I might check? This computer is one year old and is used ONLY for audio. No modem, or printer, or amything other than my audio applications. P4 2.8Gig, 1 Gig RAM, Radeon graphics card, Gigabyte MOBO. WinXP Pro.Any input would be appreciated. It's getting kind of tiring jerking cables and jumpers just to back-up or archive. Thanks

Is the CDROM jumper set to master.
not sure about what going on ,but if the hardrive are on the same cable,then dada transfer between the two could cause conflicts as they are traveling on the same ide cable .I would master one on Primary IDE ,slave the cdrom and master the other on secondary IDE .

Yeah, Caper. tried that scenario. Then the second HD is not recognized on IDE2

Can you tell me who makes your BIOS, and your Motherboard manufacturer, and model. See what I can do.

Yeah- it's "award" bios, F5,a Gigabyte MB, Model GA8SG667. I took the box to a shop (respectable, local area place) and they determined that IDE2 controller was NFG. The board's just over a year old (by two weeks) and they suggested that I contact Gigabyte sine the board has a three year warranty. Problem is, I can't be without this computer for any length of time due to recording sessions being booked. The only other solution was to buy/install a PCI/IDE caed. The repair place that it would allow the second drive to function. Sound right? Not a very eloquent solution-unless I want to shut down 'till Gigabyte makes a determination and things get rolling again. I'll have to think about that one--meanwhile I'll try to contact Gigabyte to see if they have an alternate method of remedy. Jeeeeeeezus- Maybe I need a whole back-up SYSTEM?

Clunky, but effective. Clunky would be to put your HD in another machine with a functioning IDE2 port, and network share the drive, or setup a VPN at work, or an FTP... THATS clunky... not to bad with the IDE card.

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