I have been getting blue screen errors for a couple of days now.
The technical information i got from one of them was Stop:0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x820EA2f0, 0x820EA464, 0x80604450), I think thats the right one... anyway any help on how to stop these would be much appreciated.
Oh and im running on Windows Xp.

Most likely that you have some hardware problem. try to check first the
memory dims. take them out of the mother board one at a time and try to work with your computer and see if it happens again...

After i ran the windows diagnostics for about 30 minutes this is what i got,

Results: 1, 2
Pass: 4, 9
Cache: On, On
Address: 06f6178C, 06f6178C
Expected: fbfbfbfb, fbfbfbfb
Actual: fbfbfafb, fbfbfafb

How do i fix this =/?