After booting a computer on office network, it goes to the desktop background (moon) that comes bundled with Windows software, rest of screen however shows nothing, no taskbar, no icons on screen, just the background. Through the taskmanager you can launch new tasks, but never get any icons or anything to show up on desktop.

Sounds like group policy setings might be in place for that user. You'll have to edit the group policy on the machince or the active directory server if one is in place.

try launching explorer.exe from the task manager. Once explorer is up, get your sysadmin to fix your machine.

I can access through explorer.exe fine and run applications I need. The desktop screen just appears to be totally dead. Other than mouse cursor there is no functionality on screen(no right click to properties, no taskbar, no icons). I also looked at the Group Policy section a little bit but am not sure exactly what to look for. Thanks for the input by the way.

It's hard to say what the problem is, but here are some things for you to try:

If you restart in Safe Mode, does the GUI load correctly?

Try running "sfc /scannow" and see if the problem is repaired.

Load up Task Manager, check the Processes tab, look for any instances of "explorer.exe", and right-click each explorer process and select "End Process". After those have been shut down, try to run "explorer". If that doesn't bring up your interface, you either have a very damaged system or a very infected one.

Yeah those were some of the first things I tried doing (no success), safe mode does the same thing. Scanning runs through and closes. Only explorer.exe is the one I need to input from command prompt to get to applications. Any other ideas :) im baffled (but intrigued at the same time)

Yup tried that too just a little while ago, it asks me which window installation i want to repair/recover(there is only one)
then asks me for administrator password(there isnt one). As soon as I hit enter (i am assuming that selecting enter without entering a number means no password), it pops up a command line in c drive windows directory and stops.

do a install over the orignal ,to do so do the following ,choose to install winxp the first time asked instead of repair !,the second time it comes up dont hit enter to install , hit R to do a repair instead ,it will actually install windows over it self .