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Although I'm having trouble with my DVD-ROM, I'm pretty sure that the bug is with Windows itself rather than the drive. The problem is that when I remove a CD/DVD from the drive Windows reports that the DVD/CD is still present, and will even allow me to access the contents of the non-existent CD/DVD (although I can't run anything in it, of course). When I remove the CD/DVD and refresh My Computer, the drive is reported as being empty, but if I put in another CD/DVD it will report that the first CD/DVD is back in the drive again, even though it's a completely different disc. How can I stop this? It's very frustrating, as it takes me about 20 minutes to get round it every time I want to put in a different disc! I'm guessing that AutoPlay might have something to do with it (I have it disabled on my drives). Oh yeah, I use Windows XP Professional SP1.

Thanks :)

UGH! I get that TOO. I havent found a decent fix yet. (Actually NO fixes.) Its very annoying. When you restart with nothing in the drive, then put somthing in there, does it take FOREVER to see its there?

Ill report back if I find anything.


Have you tried using other burning software, like Nero, Roxio, or there are some that are free like Gear. This may not solve your current problem, but may provide a way around it. I see that you only have sp1, I understand that there are some compelling reasons to add the sp2.


The way I understand it, he isn't trying to burn a CD, just put one in. I also believe that he is using regular CD's. (E.G. Not CD-R's) So using burning software would not solve anything.

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