am new to this but i was wander if anyone could help ave tried alot of stuff to try to fix it but no luck.

when i go to sign in on it says "we were not able to sign u in there maybe a problem with our service or your internet connection"

this is happening on both of my pc's any help would plz

do u need a hijackthis log :confused:

if i understand you right you are trying to log into msn messenger?
have you tried
1. checking your password.
2. checking your e-mail address
3. make sure you are not using caps.
4. if all fails maybe reinstalling the program again will help.
sometimes files can be removed or get corrupted and need to be replaced.

now if you are trying to log on to the internet then it could be.
1. cable or phone line that is connected to your modem.
2. your modem itself.
3. your internet service.
4. passworsd
5. user's name.
6. modem settings
7. modem drivers.
8. router
9. modem needs to be reseated
10. modem is just bad

not saying that this is your problem but these are things you can check