Hiya, my m8 came up to me asking for help, because shes got a pretty new computer, and shes changing it to broadband soon, like at the end of the month, and her mum doesnt know about her comp not working properly.

She says, that she cant get into the admin account, because she has forgotton her password for it, and at the moment she can only use the guest account. However she also have other problems, like viruses, pop-up icons like casinos icons keep on popin up on her desktop etc.

To get rid of most of the viruses, u use;
AVG Antivirus
Spybot S&D; Ad-Aware; Spyware Doctor
Registry Mechanic etc

I got told 2 get rid of those pop-up, she should go on menu->All Programs->Windows Updates.

But the thing is, she can install any of those anti-viruses or windows updates, because altho she can go on the internet, only the admin account where you can install things.

I've been thinking, will rebooting the whole system works and getting it all clean, but the comp didnt come with any recovery or WinXP Disk. I've got told that formating should sort out her comp n get rid of the password for the admin acount, but is that the same as rebooting? same thing?
I've heard that this website, http://www.loginrecovery.com/index.html
Will be able to get me the admin password, if i download the file n put the disk in the comp, and then it will give me some sort of code, whcih i have to send off to that website and they will decode the password file, and in around 48hours send me the password. Is this possible? and can i trust the site?



P.S. My friend is writing me, all the problems whcih is wrong with her comp, and i'll post it up here 2mrw, if its not too much hassle for u guys.

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O'yeah, i've found some info from this thread about rebooting the comp
without having to hav the CD

However should i try that website out, wait n find the password n then wen she can logon to her admin account, get her to install those antiviruses and update windows, insteal of even having 2 reboot anything?


well, i've heard that thers a program Lc5,www.atstake.com/products/lc

but i cant install it on her computer, cause its only the account one whcih can install programs. :( so need help plz

You can use the Ultimate Boot CD to overwrite the administrator password with one of your choosing. I've used this before, and it works very well. It's also free and fast. You'll want to use the Offline NT pw & reg-editor program on the disk to do the job.

Cheers dude, the information on the websites looks reli good and useful. Yep, i've found the download bit n everything, but i'm not 100% sure, how it works n how 2 use it, but i fink this would be the key to fixing my friends comp, please can u help me?

Many thanks Joni

The Ultimate boot cd is great, I also use ERD Commander to change the admin password.

is the CD easy to use?
No need to install anything rite?
I'll read more about it 2nite, just that thers a lot of information on it.
need a easy step by step guide, is ther any?
cheers for all the help :)

if they are using winxp just boot to safe mode and go the real adminacct and change the password on the other ,or create a new acct.

Kwokez, UBCD is very easy to use. All you need to do is burn the CD, reboot so that the CD will be the boot drive, let the program load, select the program you want to use, and follow the instructions.

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