Dear Users ,

I accidentaly deleted 5.5 Gb of audio files in my hard disk .
I was cheated and didnt realized what I 've done .
Next day I found what've I ve done !, but I had allready written 200 mb of new programmes in the HD !
I tried everything from Easy recovery to GetDataBack and R-Studio .
Althought the files could be recovered , but they were allready "damaged"
I am trying to save as much as possible but it seems the 200 mb destroyed the 5.5 gb of audio I 've delete by accident .
I am a musician and working with audio .

I hope someone really expert could help me with this ,
and save as much as possible data.

I really appreciate any kind of usefull help ,

your friend ,

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Dear pavlos,

You didn't get any reply, because of your Topic title. Please use meaningful title. Read Forum rules first.

My idea to recover the files is, stop using the hard drive and give it immediately to a recovery shops like: http://www.drivelabs.us/

be careful. Recoverable data could be destroyed if it gets into the hands of the wrong people. Where are you from? So we can hep you to find the best shop.

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