My sister in law emailed me and said this
"i am in outlook and i keep getting that blasted box popping up

it says

and wants me to do something ...... ahhhhhh it is going on for 3 days now! "
She also said this because I asked her is there was anything else it said.

"enter network password at the top

then within is says

type your user name and password.

these are in the box typing areas"
I do not use Outlook so I am not sure what to do. What is causing this and what can she do to keep it from keeping on popping up?

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Is her email address @suddenlink.net?

If so, the box asking for username and/or password pops up, beacause her email server might be down or her account suspended, as outlook cannot connect to it. She must contact the email service provider to find out what/why is wrong with her email account.

If her email address is not @suddenlink.net, she must delete the email account in her outlook to get rid of the box.

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