When I load my system it comes up to load and just before it loads is goes to 'Boot Manager' and asks which OS I would like to start the thing is I only have Win 7.

I would like to stop it showing the boot manager and just load win 7.

Any Ideas?

that didn't make a difference, when i start Boot Manager still starts before loading a OS

boot manager HAS to start before loading a windows operating system. If you upgraded from Vista (or other OS) there is a chance that part of vista is still on your hard disk and the boot manager is responding to that. (There may also be a left over line in hte boot manager file telling the boot manager to offer this additional option.)As the previous reply indicates you need to look into the boot manager file and see what it is trying to do and then delete the line that is causing a second system to respond. Google really is worth typing in any question that tells of your problem.
'(eg: What should my boot manager in Win 7 look like

Thank you for your reply I now understand what could be happening and how I may be able to find a solution

if solved why not mark it as such?
good luck

sorry as i was checking on my Ipod i didnt have enough time to do it, i will do that now