I have a Hp pavillion dv 2000. My harddrive crashed recently and i purchased a new one and installed it.

I put in my windows vista cd, and it comes up fine. The installation starts up fine and around 50 percent in..

this happens to the computer-


Please help me. I have already tried using a different vista cd my friend has. Still same thing.

Thanks in advance

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That's your graphics processor beginning to fail. It's by far and away THE most common failure on HP DV series laptops. You are going to have to take it to a professional for repair (I know this because I have repaird 12 DV's in the last 2 months, all had graphics failure).
Have a look on the HP website! Complaints about the DV's are mounting up by the day!

I confirm the above

Any chance these chips were nvidia? They had these issues on a few models

before your HDD crash what operating did you installed on it?

before your HDD crash what operating did you installed on it?

You need to improve your English a little as that makes no sense.

am sorry sir, not good in english....

I noticed :). Call me crunchie :)

It is hard for members to answer a question unless it makes sense. It is also worse when English is not the native language of the person with the problem and the person trying to help when the replies do not make sense, or the questions make no sense.

What are you trying to ask in your question?

well guys quick update,

I replaced the motherboard completely. yet no luck. I mean the windows installed, but when i start using the computer, the messy screen comes up again.

I noticed that the computer gets hot very quickly...

Could it be the processor?

Yes it can be the processor but when you say "the computer gets hot" what part of the computer are you referring to? the motherboard? around the processor? or the memory? is the chassis getting hot? the underside or keyboard area?

Please be more specific so i can help you. Another thing you could do is try and get into the BIOS and see if there is a CPU temp value.

Sorry i should have been specific. I meant around the processor it gets very hot. Because after not using the laptop for 5 hours, i turned it on and it worked for about 25 mins. When the comp started getting hot again, i clicked on my documents and boom the screen became messy again.

also just wanted to thank everyone for giving their inputs on this once again.

I suspect the heatsink+fan unit. make sure the fan it turning freely and is totally cleaned of dust. same goes for any ducts and exhaust slots towards the outside edges of the laptop. If everything is clean and the fan is turning freely you might want to remove the heatsink, clean off (completely) and re-apply thermal grease to the processor's metal heat plate and re-install the heatsink.

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