I keep getting a DRWIN error...anyone know what this is?

I keep getting a DRWIN error...anyone know what this is?

The only reference I have found on this is related to Sony CD burners and their bundled software. What CD burner do you have and what are you using to record CDs?

I keep getting a DRWIN error...anyone know what this is?

Is there any more to the error

It usually happens as I'm trying to shutdown/reboot the machine. It says something to the effect of drwin.exe error and the dll library. I have a Dell OEM burner with Roxio installed. I'll see if I can get the exact wording of the error when I reboot.

FWIW, I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 w/ a CD burner and get the same exact error.

Hello, I'm new here, just found this spot, and registered to add to this topic. Nice to meet you all.

I notice this thread is a bit old, but I have a bit to add to this mystery. Earlier tonight, out of the blue, I was browsing one of my favorite gaming sites on Filesnetwork.com, and all of a sudden something turned on my printer. Something was trying to print a 300kb file to my printer. It came from deep inside this website:


There was more to the URL, but my printer spooler did not allow me to see the full URL, unfortunately.

After seeing the site related to marketing, and becoming uneasy, since I had clicked no links, I performed a reboot, and gota drwin.exe error, and I almost never get errors on my pc.

My os, Windows XP home, has the latest patches applied, I run Norton Antivirus 2004, and I also keep a copy of Ad-Aware onhand to keep my machine clean. Internet Explorer is set to medium security.

I run a hardware NAT firewall, and all ports are stealthed. File and print sharing are disabled on my computer, (All of which makes this even more of a mystery).

After the reboot, all seems fine, but I'm concerned. This thing, whatever it is/was, tried to install itself. Currently, I believe it failed, as a search of all my hard drives reveals no copy of drwin.exe. Ad-Aware pronounced me clean, after wiping my nights worth of tracking cookies. (Oy!). I'll have to keep an eye on this, though. I should be surprised something got that far, considering the last XP patch was supposed to fix such attempts to install software such as the infamous download.Ject vulnerability. Apparently, there are still holes to find.

Does anyone have any other info to add? My machine is not a Dell, I have no Dell software. My CD-Burner has never been in this machine, I keep it in a second non-networked machine. I have no CD burning software installed, by any company. (Mentioning this to be clear that this doesn't seem to be Dell or CD burner related).

It's now 2005...and I'm getting the same error message at shutdown (XP Pro SP2)

drwin.exe DLL Initialization Failed

It may have started after removing what was identified as spyware by Trend Micro Internet Security 2005...perhaps it was a valid registration utility.

Any and all thoughts needed! Thanks in advance.

I get the same DRWIN.EXE error as the previous message has observed. Drwin.exe is not on my computer - as yet I can not figure out what is triggering this message - It happens a few times/week as I shut the computer down.