i have transferred one file from one laptop to another via bluetooth.

the second lapi already had a file with same name. the transferred file replaced the same name file in the second lapi.

i want back the original file in second lapi. how it can be done?? can anyone help?

we tried system restore but its not working!!

OS in Windows 7.

pl help!

There are ways of perhaps getting the file back. Firstly do NOT write anything to the hard disk with that deleted file on it.
Secondly you will need special software that enables you to look at the hard disk. Norton have some and there are others. Look for files beginning with a '?' question mark. Those are deleted files and the computer is allowed to overwrite them. So if you old file was called 'myfile' then the deleted one will be '?yfile'. You can then normally restore it using the software that inspects the hard disk drive.

First off, If you have any services like disk defragmentator running stop those immediately.

Okay, so you replaced the file. What does that mean? Basically you wrote over the part of the hard drive where the file was stored. This is similar to "deleting" the file via right click send to recycling bin and then emptying the recycling bin.

What can you do to recover your lost data ( hopefully for free ) ?
(1) http://majorgeeks.com/Recuva_Portable_d5514.html
Recuva Portable may be what you need to solve this problem. It's free (which is nice), and semi powerful (considering it's free).
(2) Second Option - Get Databack for NTFS - Awesome program. This will most likely work. This program examines the file structure and uses some type of algorithm to determine the structure of the file before it was overwritten. It can almost always recover files ( on a healthy hard disk drive ) that have been deleted as long as the part of the hard drive where the file exist has not been wiped ( usually multiple passes for security reasons ). If the file was overwritten this most likely did not happen (and theres a chance that the part of the hdd wasn't ever overwritten but that the "new" file was put at a different location on the hdd.

Try these two programs, if you have access to the getdataback for ntfs i would try that first, but recuva isn't going to hurt anything.

If this worked then please mark as solved. Good luck!

It is quite difficult to recover data when it has been overwritten by some another data. But you can consult to data recovery services experts and can take their special assistance regarding the situation.

try CDHIRENS 13.2 VERSION download it and burn it in cd,,

Try stellar phoenix software. It is the best i know so far. use the free version

Stellar Phoenix

Well it’s possible to recover that data but if you have lost file from your Laptop then for Laptop data recovery you have to visit a Data recovery firm.

Thanks a lot everyone...