please help
my computer has a problem
it is a Toshiba's computer
the problem is i cant connect with the internet, when i open wireless, it says connected but in fact it's not
so can anybody help me with this problem
thank you for your help

Make sure you got your password correct for your wireless ,it is case sensitive so you need to get upper and lower case letters correct!

What windows version are you using?

Most of the wireless problems just get fix with few easy steps

1) Unplug power cable from your modem and router
2) wait for 20-30 seconds
3) plug your modem first and wait for all lights turn on
4) plug your router and wait for all lights.
5) try reconnecting now .
6) please let us know if it solve your problem

if it does't we can try some more steps. Please let us know ..

Hope it helps !!

try to look at the firewall setting of the router, uncheck the block internet connection anynomously.. save settings then restart the laptop...

In could be the WPA or WEP security you need to select and than key in your password. You can use a network cable to connect and check the router setting by key in the IP address of your router from your browser.

Many problems can occur in the wireless sector.

Windows drivers not installed or up to date or corupt.
Wireless drivers not installed or corupt.
firewall blocking access.
Virus changing your DNS settings or other settings.
Wireless Router not setup correctly, meaning if settings have been changed, reset the router,or change them.
New wireless router doesnt mean a working wireless router, corupt firmware causes problems.
Connecting to someone else's wireless connection.

easy steps.


Start>run>CMD> type ipconfig/all> check what the ip says where it states Gateway> 192.168.*.*,

then copy, paste it into your URL bar in a web browser, login with appropriate information ie Username, password, go to your wireless settings set the security where ever WPA or higher, set a easy key for example key123456789, save information and try to reconnect to your network using the new settings.


as for the list above check through the list one by one.

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