My PC is suffrng frm a dngrs stuation......

I've instld Win 7 Ultimt. 1GB Ram,Intel Dual 2.GHz

At system strting , It wrks fine...But after 5 min it hngs up....

explorer.exe and dwm.exe uses upto 100% cpu......

and nw prcs like winamp,wmp..etc als take 50-60 cpu........

Everythng goes dwn....refresng on dsktp,windw minmz-maxmz,menus,mouse mvmnt tks 20-25 secs...

I tried evry antiviruses like avg,kespersky,quick-heal,norton,avira,windows defender,ashampoo.and others...but nothng detected.........

On reformattng pc it does again......i've scnd os dvd...but nthng detected.....

Plz...help me...is thr any hardware virus or anythng....?

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Did you launch any other apps so that it goes to 100% cpu usage, or even if left idle it does so?
Also is it 32bit or 64bit OS?

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Is the XP a dual boot or formatted then installed?
It could be that either the processor got a prob, or your hard-disk (fragmentation could be an issue here).
Try first to defragment the disk, and if still experiencing the prob, try to get hold of a processor just to test (from a friend may be)
Also, check in task manager if which processes are taking much resources, and close them if unneeded


I forgot tht my cd was patched with universal theme patcher..
I'v instld win7 frm frnd's cd..it works very fine...

But here is damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nw prblm...........
I'v 256MB Graphics Card & 1GB RAM...When i start any game like NFS-5 Porsche...I am plyng like god of war in 128MB of Graphics Card...

I installed TuneUp Utilities 2011 and fragmented disks and registery,but didnt wrk..I thnk this is caused by any virus..Can u list some good antiviruses..?



Can you explain about the problem encountered here: "When i start any game like NFS-5 Porsche...I am plyng like god of war in 128MB of Graphics Card...".
Did you try to change the graphics settings for the game after install?

As for antivirus, you have a wide selection, choose any which suit: Norton, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Panda, AVG (paid or trial versions), or free ones like AVG free, Comodo, Avast... Thou I do not believe the problem encountered is a virus related one here.

Also try google Game Booster and download it, use it when you go gaming on the pc

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Here is the real problem of RAM...

I've 1 GB of RAM..when I go to Task Manager -> Performance Tab ->

Physical Memory Detail is :

Total : 1014

Cached : 515

Available : 495

Free : 0


Did you try use a RAM booster app?
Or use a tweak to set to gaming mode: http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.html ?
Else I recommend to add another RAM stick or use a Flash USB drive as additional RAM
I know that Win7 works fine on 1GB RAM; but in case of gaming etc, I would recommend at least 2GB


Have you tried increasing your Virtual Memory in Advanced System Setting's?


sounds like your PC has virus try to scan anti virus, or else back up your data and do a clean installation.....


I have used all the antiviruses like KIS , KAV , Quick Heal , Avira , Norton , AVG , Ashampoo , ESET , Windows Defender , Avast.........But doesn't work..

I've also installed WinXP SP2 and SP3..but doesn't affect..

I have also installed ASC..Iobit Gamebooster and ram booster premium..but.......

I have also installed the latest version of drivers by driver checker..but.......

I have tried to removed the SVI-System Volume Information folders from all drives (C/D/E/F) by "take ownership" soft and by command prmpt but after some times the SVI folders becomes in all drives.....

I don't know..but the size of SVI folders are greater than 3-4 GB...I can't remove them...(System restore point is disabled..)..

is this can be a problem of SVI folders..?

(The problem is ..when i start my PC..it works fine..but after 2-3 minutes computer starts freezing..and explorer.exe and dwm.exe takes 100% cpu usages and also new processes like pc suite takes 100% cpu usages... And the same pc ,same game i was playing before 3 years...are not playable..I can't play the poor Gametop games like Real Pool,Treasure Puzzle..etc..)


The SVI folders are meant to be big so i doubt thar caused the problem. Send your computer for a repair first for an expert to look at it.


I think it was hardware problem instead of software or windows. If he had reinstall windows and still got same problem, most likely one of the hardware is at fault.

It could be graphic card, RAM, HDD, motherboard, anything but exclude PSU (power supply) because it's not related to computer lagging/hang.


What you said flagstar is what i thought too. But the problem is too borad as any component may caused the problem so it will be best to have an expert to look at it. Send it for repair first and see what the repair guys have to say.

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