Hello all. I understand that for those of us who have Windows 7 but still have a CRT monitor it is sometimes necessary to perform a download in an 800x pixel display. I've tried this, and tried my usual 600x display, I've uninstalled stuff beforehand, I've done everything I can think of but even when told that new download and install have worked properly, Flash Player still does not appear in my computer. What to do? Thanks very much.

Can you watch YouTube? If you can watch YouTube than there is no problem with your Flash player. If you can't get the resolution to your monitor than it could be your display driver. Install your display driver and check again.

If you have a PC and are using Firefox, Installing Adobe Flash Player goes as follows.
1. Go into tools and click Add-ons
2. Disable Adobe Acrobat
3. Go to the Adobe.com and download Adobe Flash Player
4. Close Firefox completely
5. Install Adobe Flash Player normally
6. Go into Firefox and repeat steps 1 and 2 this time Enable Adobe Acrobat.
Adobe Flash Player should now work.

You may trade a browser to try

Need to switch browser, it happens some time you can enjoy videos on youtube with firefox while on the other hand on same system if you have an old ie browser it will pop up message that you need to down load flash player, update you browser too:P