Good day
I created a FTP server and want people from outside the company to be able to access it. Problem is that I don't know what IP or changes to make for it to work. Here is my breakdown.

Installed Windows server 2008 R2 and IIS7. Created an FTP website with IP address of (Static IP for internal network) and server name VANSYSTEMS. I'm able to FTP to the website via IE with FTP://vansystems or FTP://

However, from outside, this does not work, as it does not know about our internal IP ranges etc. I asked our Firewall guys to route all FTP traffic from our external IP address that is to this IP address They done that, but I still cannot get to this website. I think I may also type the address wrong maybe. They said I must use my internal IP address, but that does not work, and cannot see that being true. I must have some route to me domain name that is So my thoughts of the address should be like FTP:// or maybe FTP://

Either way, none of it works and does not find the FTP website.

Any ideas

The IP address you gave it is a non-routable (outside of your LAN) address. You can either poke a hole in your router/firewall to allow FTP requests to be routed to that system, or you can configure the router put it in a DMZ (open to the world). Does your company have an IT department that handles such things? You might also need to get executive approval to breach the firewall this way. Finally, make sure you have a a fully patched and up-to-date ftp server, and keep it patched, as these are prime infection vectors for malware and hackers.

But once you open the port for global access the Security will be the biggest concern, so do check it with your Network Tech. You need to put exception for limited ports and should have high end security software.