Who said you did?
I simply said, If the Orig Poster had made sure they were updated and their AV was set to scan removable drives, it would have solved a lot of this issue.

He clearly stated that he has Norton. Chances are that no matter how up to date it was it would not have found the infection as it's so crap.

He had already connected his girlfriends hdd to his PC before posting here.

Your entitled to your Opinion, but as stated, AVG and Avast do exactly the same as I have had to sort 100s of machines which have had free version's on, this was mainly AVG.

Also I never stated , about the OP having already connected the drive as I simply said, had they made sure things were upto date, and scans were set to, scanning new devices, it may have prevented this issue.

The issue desribed is a known issue and Microsoft have various KB on the subject.

To the OP, have you checked the CPU, Fan etc to make sure you haven't knocked them by accident or the machine is getting high temps?

Also, have you tried a BIOS update as some machines will have this issue with older BIOS's

AVG and AVAST are antivirus programs. They do nothing more than antivirus. They were never designed to remove spyware and malware. Antipsyware and antimalware are done by different programs so I don't see what point you are trying to make.

Guys... before you both thrashes this thread, I suggest both of you to keep the rubbish discussions down to the minimum and leave this thread upon to the original poster's. He has not replied back about his "supposed-to-be-fixed" problem.

May I add something, sometime most of AVs and the other anti-malware programmes should have the settings enabled by default to scan the removable drives. Norton should have gotten them before it was too late, unless it wasn't set to be updated daily by LiveUpdate. Norton/Symantec is a paid version and should work similar as anything else, especially with AVG. LiveUpdate was set to be updated as daily or weekly, depends on the AV versions.

For nm1234, if you haven't tried this, I would recommend you to use Spybot Search&Destroy. Make sure you update it first and then immunize the updates afterward, and then you'll be able to scan everything that is possible infected and if it does, it will show up on the detected log window. For myself, I like to use ESET Smart Security along with Webroot's Spysweeper. It never hurts to have a few handy freebie AV/AM on the side to verify if your pc is really clean.

Another for nm1234, have you tried to verify if you actually had the fresh start on XP drive, by using EASUS Partition Master, it's free for home version, and you can make sure it's formatteded clean (it even does wipe it clean too)

Unlike nm1234 said, (and I assumed this based on his posts ) he has plugged the harddrive directly to the motherboard, not the removable device (e.g. usb to ide hdd ), so the topics about the removable device has nothing to do with his situation.

Based on my experience, it's impossible for virus to be executed until it was executed by the user, such as moving the file to the other side of hard drive, because to have the virus spread around, it required the user to EXECUTE them, by open them. Downloading the virus-ridden programs from Internet is completely different because it was written to run after the program was to be run.

For Bal, I found your posts really ridiculous, since OP's topic was confined to the virus infected hard drives only, You had to pick a fight with a member of DW here, but I'll tell you something; Having a overheated cpu or problematic cpu fan has nothing to do with his virus problem on his unbootable hard drives.

It's you, Bal, being gibberish with your posts.

Just three cents.

Edited: Before you takes me on, Bal, I strongly suggest you to check Rik's reputation as he has been here way longer than you. Just look at his posts, and compares it with yours.

commented: Overheating and fan issue have everythign to do with the topic of the thread -1

Well just got back home and I can't boot into my windows 7 drive, it gives me the same error. I ran the scandisk and the eset scanner but no viruses or anything else was found. I can boot into my Vista hard drive fine though it seems. My girlfriend's hard drive isn't plugged in and I'll deal with that one later.

I'm fairly computer literate. I've built several computers and can fix most issues that pop up, but anti-virus and whatnot were never one of my strong points.

Bushwacker is correct, I plugged her hard drive directly into my motherboard, apologies for not making that clear. Thanks for the all the help though :)

There will be a small windows 7 boot partition (usually 100meg), make sure you scan that partition.

oh ok, ill do that real quick

Hmm, where is that partition? I don't see it with the other drives/partitions.

You may have to make it visible in disk management. I can give you instructions if you don't know how to do it.

yea I'm not sure how to do that

Right click on your "My Computer". Click on "Manage" in the menu. Then "Storage" then "Disk Management". You will then need to locate the partition, right click on it and see if you can enable it. I don't use Vista so I don't know what options it will give you at this point.

I see a "System Reserved (G: )" 100MB.

it also says Healthy(Active, Primary Partition)

That's the one. What options do you see whan you right click on it?

It gives me a regular looking dropdown menu:

Mark Partition as Active (greyed out)
CHange Drive Letter and Paths
Extend Volume
Shrink Volume
Delete Volume

Damn, it won't let you activate it. Explore it and you should be able to scan it.

Eset didn't find anything wrong and neither did the scandisk

Maybe I should run a repair?

That was going to be my next suggestion.

Alright, I'll run that

hmm says it found a problem with my computer's start up, repairing it now.

dah that didn't fix it

Reading the repair details it says "boot sector code for system disk partition is corrupt"

Oh it just booted up :)

It's up and running just fine now! thanks for the help! Guess I had to run the repair twice


No need to pick a figth with you as you are wrong, overheating is inligh with the topic.

I clearly asked the question's and was makign other's aware that they should setup their AV software correct. I have never had any of my machines infected by having Norton's on it.

Having Free version does not have all the indepth options

As for your comment about Rik, he could be the no1 expert for all I care, don;t mean he know's it all.

The basics have to be taught to user's who simply don't know how to use security software and also inlign with the topic, if the error was search on Microsoft;s site or Community, it would have shown it is a common problem and there is fixes which the OP has now done.

You can also get the error's by overheating, BIOS not being upto date, MBR , file error's and soo on.

I have been doing Software to Hardware support since the 80s and I don't need active number of post's to show reputation.

FYI, it wasn't me, who never understood what I was saying. If you don't understand my post as it not clear, simply ask me, since my disabilitys sometimes cause me to make spelling mistakes and not correctly split my comments, so it aimed at different people


Regardless of your disabilities, abilities to write these posts, and picking a fight with RIK is EXACTLY not belonged in this situation, and I suggest you to keep all of this to yourself.

Beside, I never cared if you are experienced or not, I pointed out that you made a plenty of gibberish posts that is not related to nm1234's situations, and corrected your mistakes.. It was the disk related problems, as for booting up the OS, not on the BIOS side for thermal problems.

It's already solved, so, this is the end of the post. I suggested you not to share the world the personal informations about yourself in someone's thread.


commented: Fialed ot understand issue -1


I suggest you do a little research as you failed to understand the issue's it relates to.

FYI , it had eveything to do with the topic , as explained above, try doing some research.

Did you join up just to cause trouble?