Hi i just started to hear a loud clicking noise coming from within my computer at the same time as it froze up on me. it cleared when the freezing stopped. I have had it happen before at the same time i had some problems with this computer. i resolved the problem and the clicking stopped. Now that it is back again i am worried there could be some problem arising within my system. Anyone have an idea of what is causing this?

I think your hard drive may be on the way out.I would back up your personal stuff urgently.The reason it freezes up is that the drive is stuvk and cannot be read.When it resumes your machine will continue working.OPen the side of your case the next time it starts making noise and if its coming from your hard drive you could b in trouble.Hope this helps

Thats great...It did a similar sound like a month after i bought the computer and i had to do a system restore which fixed it up till now its started again.. i bought this computer last July..

You know what i actually got message during a Harware diagnostic test that a sector was unreadable. i have another thread concerning it.

I actually just did the F9 Diagnostic in the beginning of the bootup and my Hard drive test failed. i got the message : Error Code: BIOHD-8
Error Message: A SMART test failed on your drive. It sugested i back up my files. which i plan on doing soon.

At the moment i have done a system recovery on my computer so hopefully my hard drive does not click anymore...but if it does i wil take it in to get replaced as i am under warranty till next year.

You will have to get the drive replaced. When they start clicking they are on the way out. If you still have a warranty I would get in touch with the manufacturer and find out about getting the drive replaced. It doesn't sound like it's going to last much longer.

I agree with Jazzgirl - get the drive replaced. I'd guess that your undeletable directory might have been sites at the bad sector. I remember suggesting the use of chkdsk in another thread. Didn't that find a bad block or sector or something?

Hmm, do you have AMD?

Nickair has a disk related history posted in various threads. So AMD is not relevant here.

Ok. Sometimes I have the same with my old overeheating laptop and sometimes with my SKY HD box.