Yesterday i did a registry defrag with a program called Auslogics, this has caused a bunch of errors with the .dll stuff and now i have a error for stservice.dll as an application that is unable to start correctly and it gets error 0xc000007B...any ideas or help please?

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that why it is never recommended to use one .

having said that did you try running it again and see if it can reverse the changes ,they sometime do a backup before the changes were made ,if not assuming you are using win7 you could try booting to boot up repair ,and doing a restore back a few days before you ran the program ,see option 2 on this link .

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There are many help for this errors example this one here. You can google the net for the 0xc000007B error and see whether there are solutions for it. A system restore suggested by Caperjack can also solve the problem. You might want to do a virus scan as well to make sure virus does not corrupt any data or files. Run Malware bytes and see.

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