I have a Sony Vaio that is not working properly. It used to work properly but it would occasionally freeze and I would need to hard reset it by holding onto the power button for around 5 seconds. Yesterday, the computer froze again and I hard reset it. For some reason, it didn't show the regular boot menu asking me to start windows normally or go into safe mode. Instead it said Windows did not start successfully so select one of the options below. The options were Launch Startup Repair and Start Windows Normally. I selected Start Windows Normally but it didn't work and just went into black screen. I contacted Sony agent and they asked to reset BIOS. Once I reset the BIOS, instead of giving the options to start normally or go to repair, the computer just showed "Operating System Not Found" after the vaio logo. Then, I went into the BIOS to check if the hard disk is recognized. It said "Hard Disk Drive: None" and this meant that the hard disk wasn't being recognized. Today, the same issue was there and I went to the BIOS and reset it a couple of times. Suddenly, the next time I went to the BIOS, it said "Hard Disk Drive: 320GB" This meant that that hard disk was being recognized by the system. Then, when I booted the system, the VAIO logo appeared, and then the system went into a black screen. Around 2-3 minutes later, that same boot menu came that was here at first asking to launch startup repair or start windows normally. I once again tried doing start windows normally. It then went into a black screen again. The next time, the same thing happened and I chose startup repair. It went all the way to the cursor with Windows 7 background but nothing happened after that. The Hard Disk light has been glowing solid orange meaning that the hard disk has been working. How do I fix this. I didn't install any new hardware or software.

Please help me.
I will really appreciate it.


hi people allover the world in many different time zones offer FREE help here ,and you are expecting help 14 minutes after post for help ,please be patient

This is a little urgent for me and I need to get this fixed soon that is why I am a little impatient. I would love if someone would like to help me, just a little quicker.

i read you post ,if it were ming i would run my win7 repair disk ,because i have on ,if i didn't have one i would run my laptop recovery disk and run the win7 repair option ,to see if it would fix it for me ,

now this is just tong and cheek so don't get upset at me ,but if you computer is that urgent to you ,you should have had it looked at when it first started freezing on you

I don't know why the recovery disks are not able to detect the hard disk but the bios is.

thats likely because shutting it down the way you have been doing,may have corrupted the master boot record ,or the harddrive is bad ,hard to say for sure ,i would really need to have it in front of me,to be able to say for sure .

I tried putting in Windows XP install disc to see if it can see any hard drives and the blue screen showed up.

sorry i have nothing else to off,you need win7 repair disk to try fixing the master boot record

Freezing occurs all the time if you do not take care of your laptop. What is your ram and the space your hard disk left. Malware could easily have caused freezing problem. Any other lose parts in your laptop?

4GB Ram
320GB Hard Disk

I am going to replace the hard disk and see if it all works fine.

Hopefully, it does.

Try reinstalling Windows 7
If you get a blue screen on trying to install it then check the Ram sticks as one of them may be faulty
Take one stick out and turn the system on. If the same thing happens put the stick back in and take the other one out.
If it works and the operating system loads correctly, the faulty ramstick has been found.

It happen a lot to me as well but on eee netbook, win xp and once I can't get into windows at all and have to do chkdsk command to repair it.

After 1 year, I started to ignore this freezing stuff because it would be useless anyway and it was over warranty so can't send for RMA.

You appears you just access recovery option by startup repair option available at bootup and ignore caperjack on using recovery disk to repair yours. Tell me if I'm wrong...

Repair from disk usually works if not you might want to unscrew HDD casing below your VAIO and take out HDD, clean it up a little but don't use water, then put it back and screw it altogether, then check it again. Then do recovery again...