i recently tried to get rid of a virus or spyware. it was called lsass.exe. i tried to delete and then once i did, nothing on my computer opened anymore. There was an error for everything saying that windows could not find the file and to make sure it was spelled correctly. Then i rebooted it and now it freezes every time my computer gets past the loading of the xp. it loads the xp and then freezes right before it gets to the log in screen. the screen just turns black with the mouse pointer the only thing u can see and i have to turn it off manually to try to get it to restart. i have tried rebooting it into safe mode and last configuartions that worked but nothing has helped. PLEASE HELP. i would really appreciate it!!!!

intresting... how do you know lsass.exe was a virus/spyware? where did you deleted it from. how did you delete it. it sounds to me that deleted the wrong lass.exe. LASS stands for Local Security Authority Service. this is a core system process that authenticates users and deals with security policies on windows. when you deleted the file. in the future. first check the file to make sure you are deleteing the virus. right click the file > click properties > click the version tab... if it is made by MS... then your pretty much good. what prollably happend was some spyware programs make files names that look like real windows programs and are named the same accordingly. they do this because in an OS, you can not have 2 files with the same name. therefor, they minimize the risk of discovery by eluding the computer user to believe that the file is a valid system file. how they achive such trickery is done in via unicode. unicode allows them to use another letter that looks identical to a letter in the file name thus creating a unique file name. thus, in windows explorer you can see 2 files that appear to have the same file name (only if you look hard enuf). enuf of what probably went wrong. and on to fixing it. your gona need your windows cd, you need to pop this in your drive and boot your computer from it. then you need to follow the install procedures. when prompted for tha action to take on the computer
hit R for repair windows. let it do its thing... and your computer should boot up again. howerver, note, some service packs will get erased... and you will need to grab em again. furthernote, that if you are sure you have that virus on there then you still need to remove it. make sure you follow the procedure I outline above. (also note that the virus will prolly make the file as hidden and read only) if you are familular with dos, you can easly spot the duplicate file by ? in the file name. if you still need help, when can cover that then.