Someone in my house apparently is extremely computer illiterate/nosey or hates me with A passion because computers in this house are constantly developing problem after problem and I know it is not being accesed remotely nor are there any spyware/malware problems.

Someone keeps deleting my profile off of this computer and everytime I reinstall it it is removed the next day.

Also someone somehow managed to remove sndvol32.exe!!! If you don't know what this is, it is A windows system file in which displays that speaker icon in your taskbar. If this is deleted you will have no sound... Well I have no clue how but it happened and now I can't get it back!

Someone please help me find A way to reinstall this (without reinstalling windows) and prevent and further tampering of my account. I would also appreciate it if someone could direct me to some free but efficient monitoring tools.

My thanks ahead of time.

Thanks. I figured it out earlier. Someone directed me to A link on that instructed me to extract it from my windows xp disk.

It all works now.

Sorry for not introducing myself first though...

I will be sure to hand around here and help out where I can for you guys.

Thank you alot for your help.

Sounds good. Glad you got it working. I'm marking this thread as solved :) Welcome aboard!