Hey everyone new here. I am having trouble reformatting my windows xp. The computer runs fine but it is loaded with junk so I need to reformat. When I boot of the windows xp cd i'm asked if I want to install windows or repair. When I click install it informs me that the hard drive cannot be found. This occurs with the repair option too. If anyone has any advice it would be great. Thanks.....sincerely aj

Hey GoSnow, welcome to Daniweb

Yeah, it sounds like you need to install some Third-party raid drivers. This will depend on your motherboard. Are you using a Sata Hard drive(s)? What you will need to do, is to either take a disk that was supplied with your motherboard, or go to your mobo's manufacturers website, and download the drivers, and put on a floppy disk.

During the Windows reinstall process, you will see text at the bottom of the screen, saying "Press F6 to load third party Raid ..." or something similar. Press F6 here, and follow on screen instructions.

It can be quite hard to find out what Motherboard or Hard drive you have, so if you have a problem let us know what type of PC it is, including model number, and Google should be able to sort it.