I have a C# web application installed in 3 servers. The access to this application is balanced. The third server was included recently and since then i have had some issues.

When a webservice call is made in the first two severs, they assume that the decimal.ToString() method does not include unnecessary decimal digits, while the 3rd server always sends the number plus ".00".

1st and 2nd server: (100).ToString() » "100"
3rd server: (100).ToString() » "100.00"

I've compared the site Properties in the IIS, the regional settings, the registry and the files in all three servers and they are the same.

The problem is that the webservice returns an error when receiving that information and i wanted to know how to solve this, since the problem is only appearing on one server. I wanted to correct this on the server instead of programaticaly because there are more applications in that server (other than mine) and they will eventually crash because of this.

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I would suggest to put a second eye on the installed languages, the supported codes, and the one used as default language, the default keyboard, and in the regional settings the default number of decimal places for numeric formats.

Also, if the output format is a requirement, i will suggest not to use the default output of ToString() but the appropiate formatting instead.

Hope this helps.

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