HELP! I have been trying to fix this issue for 3 days now. I have read about every post I can find on DaniWeb that deals with my problem but none of the fixes have worked. I am by no means an expert.

My problem is that I can not boot XP.

My computer turned itself off a few days ago and I have not been able to reboot since.

I have attempted to reistall XP with the disk but it continues to give me an error once I hit enter to install.

I ran chkdsk and it tells me that I have one or more issues.

any help would be great! My boyfriend is going to kill me for even trying to fix it. But he is not here. So.. :twisted:

What brand of computer do you have?

Reseat your hard drive, reset the BIOS to the factory defaults, then try to boot from the cd again.

If it doesn't work you can also use a boot floppy to fdisk your hdd and install XP clean.Check for more info.

either: A) insert your xp cd rom, select repair, select recovery console...

at the prompt, type in chkdsk /f /r

let it scan and complete, then restart and install windows... OR

B) insert xp cd rom, find the partion, enter setup, hit D to delete the prartion
then recreate the partiton... and let if format as NTFS, then install