Hi. I am having problems with my system restore. I have windows xp pro. I click start and go to all programs click accessories system tools then system restore. However, when I click on system restore the hour glass appears by the cursor then nothing else happens. I dont know what to do. I have used this before, but I just installed some updates and now they system restore does not work. Please help me

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Go in safe mode. Login as Administrator. At the "Windows is running in safe mode warning" click No to launch System Restore.

It does not work in safe mode either. I did what you said and it does the same thing. The hour glass appears by the cursor then nothing happens.

Go to start, choose run and execute services.msc. Look for a System Restore Service and make sure is set on Automatic.

Its status says started and its start up type is automatic.


I would backup my data, and then re-install WIndows XP. Yes, you might have the ability to use system restore, look at the amount of time you have invested mucking around with it instead of solving the problem.

It's also curious that your installed updates broke something. I would consider yourself fortunate that you even got into Windows, especially if your data is not backed up.

On the XP systems that I work with, I disable System Restore, and advocate backing up the data on a different device on a regularly, timely fashion. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a magical system restore.


Well see it wasnt all the updates I installed. It was only one. I installed the main update along with a few optional updates. One of those optional ones was the ATI rage display update. At first all the colors on my screen was messed up, but then my computer changed the settings and got it back to normal. However, all my icons are messed up. They are all real big and choppy, but my settings are like I had them before for small icons. It even changed things in limewire and some other programs. One more thing system restore is not the only thing that doesnt work. Help and support does not work and neither does system information. They all do the same thing I click on them and the hour glass apears then nothing happens.

Or try system restore in recovery console.



This might work, but I'd advise against it. It's more trouble than it's worth, really.

Having been in a position to see System Restores do nothing for you on a nearly daily basis, I'm of the same mind as Christian (kc0arf). If it's that jacked up, just reinstall. Your system's not really ever going to be the same way again. Also, System Restore not launching probably has nothing to do with the botched update-- it in itself can indicate an entirely different problem.

I'm using xp home sp2 and have the same problem, but can at least open in safe mode. How do I re-install in safe mode?

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