Wife's desktop PC running windows XP sp2, connected to netgear wireless router (this conn. hard wired to port of router). Connected to internet by cable, IP provided contends everything setup properly....This pc connects to net, but cannot access secure sites. I have my desktop also connected to router (hard wired to port) and laptop via wireless card, which both work well and access secure sites. aside from contacting IP provider, reset router by powering up and down motem, router, pc as suggested ...no help also swapped port connections...no help. I do have the op. sys. reinstallation cd (which says sp1a, I assume it upgraded to sp2) What to do now (didn't reinstall as of yet)???

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Should be no need to reinstall sounds like you have some wrong settings within internet explorer or on your modem. Whilst in internet explorer go into tools then to the advanced tab and check that all the settings are correct. If this is the case it could be a problem with your dns server which may mean your router is faulty or the dns server needs to be restarted this can be done on the command prompt (under accessories) using ipconfig /? this will inform you how to restart your dns server. Hope this helps.

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