I installed Windows 2003, standard edition. I have a DSL connection, which is shared on my Windows 2003 through ICS. When i try to connect to a FTP Site, e.g. ftp.microsoft.com, it wouldn't let me. I have the windows firewall disabled. I transfered the DSL to a Windows XP system, and now i can connect to FTP Sites from any computer on the network. But when i use ICS from the windows 2003 computer, no computer on the network could connect to any FTP Sites. There is no domain, all computer are workstations.
Please help me out!!

i shifted the ICS to a computer using WindowsXP, and i stopped the Firewall/ICS service on my windows 2003 workstation. Now the ftp is connecting perfectly fine. But i need to be connected to the internet directly, and other systems should connect through mine. What should i do to let access to FTP sites?

Did you install the Routing and Remote Access services on your 2003? In RRAS you can setup Network Adress Translation to redirect ports 20 and 21.

The problem was that you were connecting through ICS and not through NAT.