I am facing problem with my laptop Dell inspiron 6000, Operating system WinXP.

On 5th Feb 2006, I had installed 2 softwares from the internet.

Softwares are Burn4free

That time it went fine.

When i used my laptop on 7th Feb 2006, i was not able to boot/start it... When I pressed the start button , some indicator blinked and also NUM lock blinked for 2-3 seconds but nothing came on the screen...

Then i unplugged the battery and again plugged it.. the system got booted but with one message that 'System is facing some problem because of some recent software installation'. It happened twice.

Then i un-installed both the softwares and restarted the system.. It went fine but again with the same message..

Now when ever i have to start ( boot) the system , I have to i unplug the battery and again plug it ....I am also using the battery charger...

I called the Dell service center on 27th Feb 2006.. They advised me to use the last Good Configuration by pressing F8. I did that but of no help.

When i tried to boot it on 1st March , same problem came. Then I again called Dell Service centre on 04th March 2006..they advised me to unplug the battery and press the start button for 20-30 seconds (to dissipate the static charge).

When i restarted in the evening same day ( 04th March 2006), it went fine but i started it next day evening (5th March 2006) , but it did not boot up...

Does any one is having any idea about this problem? Is it because of some virus or because of some hardware problem?

Any help on this issue will be appreciated...


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Did you try doing a System Restore? This will reset any configurations to a certain point in time.


I have restored it to backdate ( 23rd Jan 2006) but still it is giving the same problem.


If your computer is still under warrenty, I say you try and attempt to send your computer to take a gander at it.


Have you tried your antivirus scan, or do you have one??? Todays viruses can perform anything so you never know if it is or not until you get a good scan, even if your computer was set back to an earlier date, virus can bypass this and remain, ive had that problem with my inspiron 6000, but if this doenst work you can completely reset your comp to Dells original state (Very excellent feature that Dell has) by restarting you comp and at the stratup screen where it says the Dell logo you hold down control and press F11 really fast until you get to a screen that will lead you through all the steps to reset you computer, buttttt this is only after youve tried everything else, cause you will loose all work and need to update everything again!!! So hope it helps!


I also have similiar issue with my Dell E1505. Please let me know how did you solve this problem.



windows will not start file missing or corrupt system32\DRIVERS\isapnp.sys
this can be fixed by using the set up CD-ROM i do not have this can this be done another way.


windows will not start file missing or corrupt system32\DRIVERS\isapnp.sys
this can be fixed by using the set up CD-ROM i do not have this can this be done another way.

try going to start/run, type in "sfc /scannow" ,without the "" and there is a space between the c and the /
it may ask for the windows cd it may not ,worth a try .

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