i have a 15 inch flat panel monitor and the highest screen resolution is 1024 by 768...i was wondering if i could increase that...

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no pretty sure you cant unless your video card will support it could be wrong though an email to your graphics card manufacture will sort this one out for you.

no. the answer is no no no. You need at least a 17" lcd if you want 1280x1024. chris5126, your graphics card can not force your lcd to have more pixles than are physically there, it is impossible.

You could increase screen resolution, actually, if you unrestrict the "supported" resolutions. However, watch as everything on the bottom-right edge disappears into oblivion... your machine can process this resolution, but can only increase into invisible workspace. ;)

Although you are right, the answer to the poster's question is still no, you can't raise the resolution any further ;)

A pixel is a pixel is a pixel. :mrgreen:

okay thanks guys =)

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