I purchased a Sony Vaio computer (VGC-RB40) which came preloaded. When I checked this computer ,prior to using it, I found 280 errors! I took the computer back to the store and asked them to reload again--this time 100 errors. They refused to give me the installation disc,. Hence I do not have one. Sony do not even have the courtesy to reply when I asked them for one. Microsoft are not useful either. Hence I need someone to tell me how to make an XP Home installation disc please.
Second question is this:
When I type a line of text and I want to delete it, normally I highlight it and press 'delete" . I cannot do this on this computer. What I have to do is use the backspace to delete what I need to delete.
Any suggestions for these subjects would be gratefully appreciated.

What kind of errors are found, exactly? Also, where are they found?

You can't really "make" an XP Home installation disc-- Why did they refuse to give you a disc, exactly? If your PC has a Windows XP Product key on a sticker, affixed to your system, you could use a disc belonging to someone else-- it just has to be an XP Home disc.