Does anyone know a way to make my msconfig setting stay. When I restart my computer all that crap come right back. Windows has no respect for user preferences. I know you can set it to start up in bare minimum but I'M afraid that would me a little to lean for certain things. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

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There is a checkbox on the Boot tab that says "Make all boot settings permanent". Have you tried selecting that? What settings are you trying to make permanent? What exactly do you mean by "all that crap"?


The OP asked about msconfig settings so I based my answer on that. msconfig is not merely a diagnostic tool. It can be used to enable/disable programs to start automatically. It can also be used to disable the default "idiot light" display at startup. I like to see drivers identified as they are loaded. Msconfig lets me set that option. There are other tools that do thiss better (autoruns from SysInternals, for example), but again, the OP asked about msconfig.


It can be used to enable/disable programs to start automatically.

Yeah. That's called diagnostic startup for a reason. :)

Meh. It's not worth arguing about.
My friend chaslang sums it up pretty well here Dealing with Startup Processes.

Cheers :)


good old Hijackthis ,my favorite app ,still being used to to stop programs from running ,had it not be sold a few yrs ago to trend micro it would likely still be used to find malisious software as wll .

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