Hi, My OS is Windows Vista. I'm using HSDPA dongle for connecting internet. After i connected to the internet, it is automatically increasing usage meter even without opening the browser. (Amount of "Received data" is increasing which means there some programs/softwares are updating automatically.) how am i find that which softwares are updating...? can i get a list of softwares which are updating...? Please help me... It is wasting my free data bundle as well as my money because of this mess....!!!

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Here you can find how to start the resource monitor. If you expand the Network tab, you'll find all the processes that uses networking.
Usually you'll find one or more instances of svchost.exe. This is because this is a 'dummy' process to hold the dinamyc libraries (dll) offered by the OS, so they are loaded and ready to be used. This include client for DNS (required), TCP listener, etc.
Also you'll get a list of other processes like googleupdater or live mesh or whatelse that are running on your computer.

Hope this helps

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