We run Exchange 2003 e-mail system, and need to be able to store e-mails for a period of 3 years. However, the system needs to store all e-mails that are sent or received without allowing users to be able to delete them (from the server). Right now, if a user deletes a message in their local inbox, the message also goes away on the server.

How can I implement this? Its fine if a user wants to delete messages out of their local inbox, but they must remain in the server for 3 years. How can I also set time constraints so that e-mails automatically delete after 3 years?


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look into journaling.

if im remember right, journaling will send a silent copy of all messages sent or received and store them in a mailbox. you will then have a copy of the email weather or not they delete it

you could also use transport rules to copy a mailbox on all in or out messages

Thanks for the tip...journaling works for our organization. I can also configure mailbox management to delete after 3 years.

New problem is the size that this journaling mailbox is going to become. Is there a way to store the journaling mailbox on our NAS? It is iSCSI connected as a drive letter.


im not sure about that - trial and error is how i would figure it out... the journal mailbox to my beleif would have to be on the same server as the mailbox server role - how big are you expecting the mailbox to get?

I expect in 3 years time we could easily see over 100GB. I don't have that kind of free storage on that server.

OK, check that--i have 100GB free on that server right now. Virtualization does strange things in displaying free disk space...

I'll leave it on the server.


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