I am having a startup problem with my computer. After completing a printer software download windows asked me to restart my computer. When I did my computer would hang up on a blank screen and a message comes up saying ‘Out of Frequency’. Win ME is only letting me into safe mode. In safe mode when I tried to restore settings it would knock me out completely and start to reboot again.

When I tried to re-install the Win ME software from safe mode using the setup.exe I get the following message at the beginning of the installation, ‘Setup does not have enough conventional memory to check your computer’s hard disks’.

I then performed the following scan:

Scandisk: found no errors* Scanreg: found no errors* Scanreg /fix: stated that "Windows successfully repaired registry" (even though scanreg stated I had no registry errors).* Scanreg /restore: “Windows successfully restored registry

Can anyone help me to get Win ME to work in normal mode? I would appreciate your help.


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...I tried to restore settings...

Are you saying that you tried the System Restore feature, or that you tried to revert the changes made by the newly-installed printer software (by uninstalling it, perhaps)?

I did both actually. I still cannot startup into normal mode, only safe mode.

Bugger :(
It sounds like you've tried all of the normal repair options available for ME. As far as what comes to mind right now, I think that attempting an "in-place" reinstallation of the OS might the only option left if you want to keep your data intact.

Ok, I will try the link you sent me. Thanks for your help.

OK. I wish I had a less drastic suggestion for you, but as I said, it looks like you've tried the usual recovery steps.
However- please be aware that reinstalling Windows on top of an existing installation is not foolproof; there is always at least the possibility of data loss.

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