My harddrive was failing so I replaced it with a 80 GB SSD to hold my OS (Windows 7) and a 2 TB SATA for everything else. Everything works fine only my DVD drive is not working when I click it windows explorer freezes, but I can open other windows and they will work. The DVD drive sais it is working properly in device manager. I have tried to uninstall the drive and it still is not working. The only time it freezes is when I click the DVD drive, so I don't know maybe things are not configured properly or something. I didn't realize the old drive was really only 1 drive partitioned, so now even my 2TB drive is larger than the old one; maybe I should take out or disable the SSD since it seems like they are not working together very well? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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When you click on DVD drive, the DVD/CD has already been inserted or not ? I have come across the same problem but only when the DVD/CD is corrupted or scratched. The problem arises when you try to play any DVD/CD which is not compatible i.e corrupt/highly scratched.

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