i was using my computer earlier today and then it froze..so i turned it off and turned it back on and now i get and error message when i am trying to boot it up...it says disc error occurred press ctrl alt delete to restart...i have done that many times and i get the same message each time...can someone help me with any suggestions how to troubleshoot this? thank you in advance

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That's definitely not a Good Thing; can you give us any more specific details on the problem and what (if any) troubleshooting steps you've already tried?

- What exact version of Windows are you using?
- Is there any more information in the error message, or is just the standard "A Disk Error Occurred, Press Ctr+Alt+Del to restart." error?
- Give us specific details of your hardware, especially your drive configuration(s).
- Did the system exhibit any symptoms of problems before the crash occurred?
- Had you recently made any significant hardware/software changes?
- Is the hard drive correctly recognized/reported in the BIOS' setup?
- Can you boot from the Windows installation CD?

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