Weird. I saw this 6-8 months ago at a clients. I couldn't find an answer, he needed an upgrade anyway, so I took the easy route and wiped the hard drive and rebuilt everything.

Now it's happening to one of my computers.

If you try to run any program by double-clicking a shortcut, or even a .exe, with the LEFT button , the properties window for the program opens. It's impossible to run anything! Also, when you click on 'Start', the menu flashes up and then quickly closes - you can't get to any menu choices.

The machine is useless.

There were no notable changes to the computer. No new programs installed. Virus is up-to-date. Same with spyware protection. One second it worked normally, the next - computer hell.

I don't want to rebuild this one. I don't even see these symptoms in my searches, much less a resolution to the problem.

XP SP2 - 2.8 pentium - Gig of RAM

Has anybody else seen this? Has anybody determined how to fix it?


What does a right click on that system do ?? same thing ?? or its doing the job of left click ...

Hello nanosani,

Right clicking gives the standard options.

Are you sure you don't have a stuck key on the keyboard? Like, Alt, Ctrl, or Windows, perhaps?

Nope, no indication of any stuck keys.


Let me rephrase that. Looking closer, I do, now, believe that the ALT key was sticking intermittently. The ALT+double-click brings up the properties for the item, which is the problem I had.

Replaced the keyboard - no more problem.


I too have the same problem..When I double click on a file, it opens the properties and when I press any letter it opens as though the Alt is already pressed.