ok ill start from the start.

my login was taking longer than usual and usually wen this happens the net wont work but dw about that for now. so during the login i press the restart button on my computer. so after it just keeps searching to boot from cd or network. and i kinda just got really impatient so i assumed reformatting would fix it. and after u go through that windows setup with the blue screen and everything it restarts and keeps booting from the cdrom automatically. and u dont have to press any key. how do i stop it from going around in circles so i can finish reinstalling windows? by the way, my boot menu only has cdrom, floppy or network. i think im supposed to have hard drive as well but i mite have stuffed that up by reformatting =[

anyone that can help i will forever be indebted to!!!!

This is the BIOS boot order for computer nodes. ie This is a machine that supports network booting (also called PXE).

This means on bare hardware the first boot will network boot as no OS is installed on the hard disk.

You sure this is your computer?

Maybe im wrong, but can you explain in more detail what is going on here in terms of network arrangements with your PC?


no im pretty sure im not part of a network. well im no expert but a network is a group of computers connected together right? definitely not that then.

right now, it just keeps cycling when i try to install xp. it doesn't even say 'press any key to boot from cd'. it just goes searching for boot from cd > OK and goes straight into the blue screen.