I just got a new computer about three months ago and I seem to have messed up the font size setting. The font size appears fine on this website and others however on some websites and when using AIM it is nearly impossible to read the font. I have changed the DPI and font setting yet it doesnt seem to do the trick. Any suggestions?

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when you hold down the CTRL + MouseScroll UP, the fonts on the current webpage decreases, CTRL + Mouse Scroll Down, makes the current webpage fonts bigger.

Some of the webpage denies the CTRL + Scroll, like this webpage.


In IE, Go to the View menu and then Font Size, and keep it on the Medium setting. You can change font sizes in Firefox, as well, but it works a bit differently. Firefox font size control is also more powerful, in that it also affects fixed set fonts, such as those on DaniWeb. :)

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