changed my system from HP (windows 7) to Apple IMAC. Installed "Paralel Desktop" on my IMAC and successfully transferred my Corel word perfect files. Have many hundreds of e-mails on my HP (Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail) which I do not know how to transfer over to my Paralel Deskktop (windows 7). Is there any way to transfer the entire content of my HP Windows 7 over to my paralel desktop (windows 7) so that I can have all my e-mails without going to importing from the server since most e-mails are no longer on the server. Is there anyway to copy the entire hard disk from the HP to the Parallel Desktop? Please help!!!



hi, open windows live mail and go to File and export email ,you can expoert email and the email acct settings to the windows live mail you have installed on the paralel desktop .you then open the WLM on the PD and open and go to file and do a import instead of export