This isn't about bugs, but it's nasty & I don't know where to put
I don't live in the US, and I have a problem getting through to certain internet servers in the US, because (apparently) of my email address which ends in .pf. I send and receive mail from all over the world with few problems, except from (Road Runner) and some .edu addresses. I can receive mail, but not send. Or I can send for a while, and all of a sudden, I'm blocked. Then, I continue to get mail from upset tourists who need to confirm their lodgings and are wondering why I'm not answering. I change machines & use my personal address, but nothing works, short of sending a message to the person through someone in the US. (Definitely unprofessional, even on our relaxed, tropical island.) This happens to a lot of people who live here, and I wonder why. Is it some kind of anti-immigration policy for email or something? After all, doesn't "world-wide" mean just that?

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I'm not in the US either so I can only guess that for some reason, rr and others have added those particular references to their spamblocker or some such. Perhaps you should try contacting them through hotmail or other internet based email client and let them know what is happening :).

All is well. As if by magic, a gmail invitation was in my box today, and so I signed up and got through to the phantom .rr address. She came back saying that nobody else seems to be answering her queries for hotels, etc., and now she knows why. Road Runner, are you getting any of this????
I still end up off of the business domain for these sticky addresses, though, because it's .pf, too.

It might be best to mabe have your thread moved to the Internet Browsers forum.

Tell me and Ill move the thread if ya want.


Thanks - I'l appreciate it if you'd move it for me.

Roger that :)

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