I have a Packard Bell EasyNote TJ61 - I replaced the screen on it the other week and all was working fine. After shutting it out down the other night, I pressed the power button on in the morning and the fans started as normal but lasted for about 5 seconds and then the laptop went silent. The screen remained black and the power light stayed on.

I also noticed that when I use the touch pad for sound / bluetooth / wifi etc - the buttons light up when touching them.

I press in the power button to shut it off and nothing happens until the battery dies or I do a battery pull.

Any suggestions? I have replaced screens / ram / drivers / cpu's etc in the past on different laptops / pcs but this has become the strangest/hardest thing I have tried and can't figure it out

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You most likely have a vga port on your laptop. I suggest that you connect an external monitor to it and see if it behaves properly. Your power settings in Control Panel may need reconfiguration or your repair has simply failed.

I tried the external monitor and nothing either, its like the laptop is silent after powering up th fans go on for about 5 seconds then its silent and screen stays black.

How can I adjust the power settings in control panel if I can't get into it? The repair can't have failed as it was working for about a week perfectly and it just happened out the blue.

Someone suggested making sure the magnets aren't jammed next to the hinge as this is like sleep mode when the lid is closed, how would I do that?

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