I am using Dell laptop running Windows XP home edition. It worked okay until one day it stopped functioning. After doing some checking, I found out that the partition was changed(corrupted?).It was set to 'unknown' instead of NTFS. I tried to use the 'convert' command, to no avail. Later on I decided to format the whole hard drive and it stopped halfway giving an error message saying 'DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATIONS '. Since then, my laptop could not detect the hard drive anymore. It even gives a cracking sound for quite some time after it is turned on. I tried running Dell diagnostic CD and it did not detect any problem, I could however go to command prompt and drive c only contains files like sys.com, scandisk.ini, and so on. It says 'Volume in drive c is MS-RAMDRIVE'. I suppose it is reading the RAM as the main drive or isn't is? How can I solve this problem and get my Windows running again? Thank you so much...:cheesy:

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What driver is it talking about, it should tell you. Once you get the name of it try to rename it throught the command prompt to filename.sys.old, where filename is the name of the driver. If that doesn't work I would run every diagnostic tool I could think of like, sfc, chkdsk, diskpart, or recovery tools like fixboot, fixmbr or restore. Also make sure BIOS settings are correct, hard drive should be on auto detect,LBA not normal or large. These are just ideas with out really knowing more its going to be hard to figure out.

Thanks for the reply.

I mean the harddisk drive(c:). FYI, I use one harddisk only. I think the c: is already set to RAMDRIVE because it cannot detect that there is indeed a harddisk. Well, I'm not good at hardwares and this kind of technical stuff so I just know what is talked about roughly. :lol:Anyway, I am at office right now, will try the solutions once I get back from work. Hopefully it will work. Thank you so much..

when you die c:\ try going up one letter to D:\ or even e:\
ramdrive means the dell diagonists is running from your ram ,also if the drive was clicking and noisy it might well be dead .

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