Dell inspirions Windows 8, I have the Blue Busy Circle around my problemed arrow, Both are a real Problem and I have searched every place on the Web And still people come up with a blue screen. NO that isn't my problem. It's the Blue Busy Circle around the curser which is steady Flickering, I have done all kinds of Cleaner, Scans and so many downloaded so many Programs And had to uninstall them, So not to still have them and have to pay for a program that doesn't even help. These programs all states they can help. But NO HELP!! I can't seem to find the right answer. I have The AVG Scanner and all that came with it, But doesn't Help Eather. This is a New Dell Laptop, Windows 8. And no Help unless there is money in volved. When typen I have to have the arrow fare away from where I am typen or the curser jumps and puts words in what im typen in wrong spots.I need help please before I go Nuts!! _Dell inspirion Windows 8, NOT Vista, NOT XP, That's what every one comes up with also, And the Tech Manager I see programs And have deleted some I thought would help, But Not.

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