When I right click on my desktop nothing happens. I had no control over my desktop icons and I could not move them, add icons, delete icons and while trying to get control I accidentally turned off the icons. Now I cannot right click to get them back. What can I do......please help.

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Would this solution help me (a post from your website) or is this the wrong solution. I am afraid to just try something that will chante my registry.

"2. The problem you describe is a symptom of the SpySheriff/Smitfraud group of infections; here's the specific fix for regaining full functionality of your desktop properties:

Download the smitfraud.reg file by right-clicking on this link and choosing "Save link as..." or "Save target as..." from the resulting pop-up menu. Save the file to your desktop."


"smitfraud.reg".... that sounds like a virus to me

if youre on XP Home, click anywhere on the desktop,making sure no icons are highlighted. Then hit this button on your keyboard:

a menu at the top left should come up. Go to "Arrange Icons By>" and click "Show Desktop Icons"

that should bring the icons back.

Second, if you dont have control over your icons as in you cant move them where you want them, also uncheck "Align to Grid" and "Auto-Arrange"

as for your right clicking issue, i dont know. Could be a mouse issue, check the Mouse section of the Control Panel for that one.

Let me know if i was any help


I tried your idea but this button does not work on the desktop or wall paper. Although, the button does work in other areas. It seems a majority of options concerning my desktop are not functioning correctly. I know all the windows commands to turn off icons, turn on icons, arrange icons, etc. but the controls on my computer don't function as usuall. I have been able to do the above commands without a problem on another computer. I am assuming there is somed kind of virus or something affecting these functions becasue I have seen this problem on several help forums. Unfortunatly, none of the solutions I have seen have helped me. If you have any other ideas I would greatly appreciated your help, thank you.

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